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Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you’re directing your time and efforts in ways that will bring your brand the maximum visibility you are looking to achieve. An extra pair of experienced eyes may be just what you need.

Social Media Marketing Training

With my custom designed training programs, your in-house social media designee will be armed with the knowledge and tools needed to help your brand maintain a positive and profitable social media presence.

Speaker & Facilitator

Energetic! Educational! Engaging! The audience leaves filled with new ideas, actionable items, and motivation without the glassy eyed looked that often accompanies presentations on social media. An experienced speaker for groups of 10 – 1000, contact me & let’s talk about WOWing your attendees.!

Keep your brand POSITIVE & PROFITABLE on social. Get the Who – What – When – Where – Why of designing an in-house social media team.

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Blog Posts & Social Media: A Traffic-Driving Power “Couple”

Blog Posts & Social Media: A Traffic-Driving Power “Couple”

Business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, authors, hobbyists, mommies; just about everyone has a blog these days. Ever heard of Marc Guberti? He is a 17 year old entrepreneur whose blog and its’ readership have been the envy of many in the blogging community. Marc is proof that age doesn’t matter. Blogging doesn’t discriminate. Man, woman, young, old, personal, or professional. Everyone has something to say.   If you’re reading this, there is a very good chance you have a blog of your own. You strive to write and publish blog posts that are interesting and I’m here to tell you that your readers appreciate it. Isn’t it awful when you click on a blog post with a super exciting title only to be bored to tears in the first 3 sentences? And while it’s important for your posts to be a good read, they need to do so much more. There are probably many reasons why you decided to start a blog in the first place. You wanted to educate, inform, and entertain readers. That’s awesome! However, if you have a product or service on your website than the real reason for having a blog is to drive people (aka potential clients) to your website where they will read your blog, hopefully hang out, look around and eventually fall in love with you; opening their hearts and wallets to buy what you’re selling. So the next time you decide to put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard, keep these tips in mind. Never let a lack of topic stop you from getting started. Every writer will have a...

Book Review Interviews

“Trombone Player Wanted” by Marcus Buckingham; An Interview with Dawn Mahoney

“Trombone Player Wanted” by Marcus Buckingham; An Interview with Dawn Mahoney

Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living: I am so glad you asked! I have the most rewarding career. I spend part of time designing learning, with my priority being high levels of interaction that motivate the learners to want to learn more, sprinkled with plenty of opportunities for them to define their own personal “aha!” moments. And, part of the time I spend it working with teams of people, engaging them in conversations about how to be stronger together. What can be better than that? What book would you like to discuss in this interview? I had so many books in mind when I was asked to do this book review, it was tricky to narrow it down to the “one”. The final three: You Don’t Need a Title To Be A Leader, by Mark Sanborn; Soup, A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture, by Jon Gordon; and Trombone Player Wanted, by Marcus Buckingham. I recommend them all, but Trombone Player Wanted, which isn’t really a book at all, is what I’d love to introduce you to. It is actually a series of video DVDs with a companion guide and a message for us all. What drew you to that book?  What did you hope to get from it? I have been a fan of the work Marcus Buckingham and the Gallup organization had been doing on employee engagement and strengths, for quite some time.  For example, the groundbreaking Q3 assessment deployed in organizations across the globe, seeking to measure the level of employee engagement, instead of employee satisfaction. Later, the Strengthsfinder caught...

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