Blog Posts & Social Media: A Traffic-Driving Power “Couple”


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Business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, authors, hobbyists, mommies; just about everyone has a blog these days. Ever heard of Marc Guberti? He is a 17 year old entrepreneur whose blog and its’ readership have been the envy of many in the blogging community. Marc is proof that age doesn’t matter.

Blogging doesn’t discriminate. Man, woman, young, old, personal, or professional. Everyone has something to say.


If you’re reading this, there is a very good chance you have a blog of your own. You strive to write and publish blog posts that are interesting and I’m here to tell you that your readers appreciate it. Isn’t it awful when you click on a blog post with a super exciting title only to be bored to tears in the first 3 sentences? And while it’s important for your posts to be a good read, they need to do so much more.

There are probably many reasons why you decided to start a blog in the first place. You wanted to educate, inform, and entertain readers. That’s awesome! However, if you have a product or service on your website than the real reason for having a blog is to drive people (aka potential clients) to your website where they will read your blog, hopefully hang out, look around and eventually fall in love with you; opening their hearts and wallets to buy what you’re selling.

So the next time you decide to put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard, keep these tips in mind.

Never let a lack of topic stop you from getting started. Every writer will have a day when the well-of-ideas dries up. They want to write, they need to write, the weekly post is due, yet the ideas of what to write about are just nowhere to be found. Well, that’s not really true. If you don’t have an idea to build a blog post around, you probably aren’t looking hard enough. Pick up a newspaper or magazine. Still nothing? Head to social media and see what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook. You’re sure to find a wealth of topics there. And if all else fails, check out my mad-libs idea generator in Spotlight Your Products & Services: 15 Blog Post Ideas for Any Type of Content.

Bait and switch will make readers run faster than Forrest Gump. Eye-catching blog post titles are a must but they can’t do the job on their own. The content within the body of the blog post must be just as engaging. And never, never-ever, use a title to grab and reader only to have the post be on a totally different topic. Believe it or not, it happens and it is really bad form.

Make each post social media friendly. Avoiding long drawn out monologues and using shorter more concise sentences will allow you to pull at least 3-5 tweetables from each post. This is just one social media time management tip that will make your life so much easier down the road.

Embrace using links. Links lend credibility, back up your research, and support the point you’re trying to make to your readers. Blogs are a key way to begin building your reputation as a go-to-resource. Like any good teacher, a go-to-resource doesn’t need to know everything about every subject however they need to be willing to do the research and find the info. Including links shows the reader you’re serious about being accurate and you aren’t afraid to prove it.

The more the merrier. One great way of building both readership and a social media following is to invite guest bloggers to your website. Readers love the occasional change of pace, a new voice, and a different point of view. The author of the blog is sure to promote their post to their following on social media which will provide you with more exposure and more traffic. It’s a win-win situation and one that many bloggers embrace.

I’m sure you have found your own strategies that work for you and your blog. I’d love to hear them so drop a quick note below, tweet me, or stop by Facebook. I also love to share blog posts on my social media so if you have a post you think my readers will enjoy please drop me a line with the link and I’ll be happy to take a peek. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading~