Blog Posts & Social Media: A Traffic-Driving Power “Couple”


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Business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, authors, hobbyists, mommies; just about everyone has a blog these days. Ever heard of Marc Guberti? He is a 17 year old entrepreneur whose blog and its’ readership have been the envy of many in the blogging community. Marc is proof that age doesn’t matter.

Blogging doesn’t discriminate. Man, woman, young, old, personal, or professional. Everyone has something to say.


If you’re reading this, there is a very good chance you have a blog of your own. You strive to write and publish blog posts that are interesting and I’m here to tell you that your readers appreciate it. Isn’t it awful when you click on a blog post with a super exciting title only to be bored to tears in the first 3 sentences? And while it’s important for your posts to be a good read, they need to do so much more.

There are probably many reasons why you decided to start a blog in the first place. You wanted to educate, inform, and entertain readers. That’s awesome! However, if you have a product or service on your website than the real reason for having a blog is to drive people (aka potential clients) to your website where they will read your blog, hopefully hang out, look around and eventually fall in love with you; opening their hearts and wallets to buy what you’re selling.

So the next time you decide to put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard, keep these tips in mind.

Never let a lack of topic stop you from getting started. Every writer will have a day when the well-of-ideas dries up. They want to write, they need to write, the weekly post is due, yet the ideas of what to write about are just nowhere to be found. Well, that’s not really true. If you don’t have an idea to build a blog post around, you probably aren’t looking hard enough. Pick up a newspaper or magazine. Still nothing? Head to social media and see what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook. You’re sure to find a wealth of topics there. And if all else fails, check out my mad-libs idea generator in Spotlight Your Products & Services: 15 Blog Post Ideas for Any Type of Content.

Bait and switch will make readers run faster than Forrest Gump. Eye-catching blog post titles are a must but they can’t do the job on their own. The content within the body of the blog post must be just as engaging. And never, never-ever, use a title to grab and reader only to have the post be on a totally different topic. Believe it or not, it happens and it is really bad form.

Make each post social media friendly. Avoiding long drawn out monologues and using shorter more concise sentences will allow you to pull at least 3-5 tweetables from each post. This is just one social media time management tip that will make your life so much easier down the road.

Embrace using links. Links lend credibility, back up your research, and support the point you’re trying to make to your readers. Blogs are a key way to begin building your reputation as a go-to-resource. Like any good teacher, a go-to-resource doesn’t need to know everything about every subject however they need to be willing to do the research and find the info. Including links shows the reader you’re serious about being accurate and you aren’t afraid to prove it.

The more the merrier. One great way of building both readership and a social media following is to invite guest bloggers to your website. Readers love the occasional change of pace, a new voice, and a different point of view. The author of the blog is sure to promote their post to their following on social media which will provide you with more exposure and more traffic. It’s a win-win situation and one that many bloggers embrace.

I’m sure you have found your own strategies that work for you and your blog. I’d love to hear them so drop a quick note below, tweet me, or stop by Facebook. I also love to share blog posts on my social media so if you have a post you think my readers will enjoy please drop me a line with the link and I’ll be happy to take a peek. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Periscope: What’s All the Fuss About?!?

Periscope iconThere is a new social media player in town and it’s called Periscope. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you have set up a Periscope account, watched other “scopes” or at the very least seen invites on Twitter.  So what the hell is all the fuss about? I’ll tell you!

Scoping for fun!

Periscope is live-streaming which means you’re watching the broadcast in real time. One of the most awesome things is that you can see and experience events that you would normally miss out on.

Thanks to John Chen (@bigkid), I got to watch the Blue Angels which is always impressive. Thanks to @mousetoyourhous, I am able to go to Disney every single day to experience the rides, people watch, see the new product lines, and so much more. That is priceless for a Disney fan like me! Thanks to Alex Pettitt @alexpettitt, I was able to learn all kinds of awesome Periscope tips that were super helpful. And, Mitch Oates @lifeatseaphoto does his scopes from his surfboard in Australia which is beyond amazing.

Screen capture of @lifeatseaphoto scope

Screen capture of @lifeatseaphoto scope

Scoping to learn!

Scopes are not only letting you experience places and events but it’s also great for sharing content with people. I’m all about learning so I love to pop in on broadcasts that teach me something.

The thing I enjoy most about broadcasting my own scopes is the fact that they are so much more casual than a recorded webinar or even a live Google Hangout. On other platforms I feel like my make-up needs to be perfect and my hair needs to look like a magazine cover. Not on Periscope. I have scoped from a truck stop at 3am while driving to Florida. I’ve scoped from the Austin airport on a layover. I’ve scoped from the swing in my backyard.

100% of my scopes have a purpose. I talk about all kinds of things related to the best uses of social media for your business, networking, tips on time managements, blogging, and sometimes I just do a go-with-the-flow scope where the viewers determine the topic with their questions and comments.

One of the best features is that the scopes are recorded. In a meeting when one of your fav people starting a broadcast? No problem. Simply catch the replay for up to 24 hours. Watching replays at night is something I really enjoy doing. I fix a cup of tea, grab my tablet, and watch scope after scope on all types of awesome topics.

Give Periscope a try!

If you haven’t checked out Periscope yet I suggest you give it a try. I am doing a series of posts on Periscope and you can find the links to those below. You’re definitely going to find them helpful. Keep in mind that you can set up Periscope even if you don’t plan to do any of your own broadcasts. Simply follow some people you are connected with, influencers you enjoy, friends, family, and colleagues. You can find me at @chelelawson.

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{Other Periscope posts will be linked here shortly}

Direct Message Marketing: Brilliant Strategy or Spammy No-No?

LinkedIn InboxDirect messages are a bit of a pet peeve of mine basically because I feel there is a ton of misuse. The two platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter, seem to be the ones with the most direct message activity so those are the platforms I’m going to focus on for this post.

Let’s start with LinkedIn.

Most times the direct messaging starts on LinkedIn when you are invited to connect with someone or you invite them to connect with you. Once the invitation is accepted on either side, the direct messaging is used as a way of acknowledging the invitation and introducing yourself. All too often, people will take that opportunity to give you a sales pitch. It’s quite inappropriate in my opinion and I often want to reply with something snarky such as, “It would be nice if you bought me dinner first before trying to take me home” but in all honesty I just don’t want to encourage any further communication with them.

The reason the LinkedIn DM’s don’t bother me as much as the Twitter DM’s is because of the way the invitation process works on LinkedIn. I am all for sharing what you do for a living and sharing information on your products and services. That is what social media marketing is all about however I just feel that a first message should not be a sales pitch. How would you feel if you walked into a brick and mortar store, let’s say a clothing store, and the sales person walks up to you with a shirt in their hand and said, “Hey, do you want to buy this?” Give me a minute. Give me time. Give me time to get to know you. Give me time to familiarize myself with your store and what you have to offer. Once you know me a little better than by all means, please make recommendations that you feel are in my best interest.

Here is an example of a DM that I received on LinkedIn and actually loved. I had asked to connect with Halelly Azulay and thankfully she accepted my connection invitation with the screenshot that you see here.


I felt welcomed by this DM. I felt that she was giving me information on how I could get to know her better via her newsletter. I was happy to have the opportunity to get to learn more about her, her business, and what she offers. It was not in any way salesy or slimy and was certainly more warm and welcoming than the majority of DM’s I receive after an invitation to connect.

Here is an example of the opposite approach. It’s probably a flaw of mine but I have a low tolerance for this type of stuff and it doesn’t matter what platform it’s on, when I get a direct message such as this one I will immediately unfollow. Even if their product or service may be exactly what I needed I would never find out.

LinkedIn bad example

On Twitter, the thing that frustrates me most is the auto-responders. I’m not going to sit here and claim that you should never use an auto-responder. I’m sure they are a very important time management tool for many people however I don’t usually get 100 new followers a day so I can still welcome by followers the old-school way with a public customized tweet such as this one.

My twitter welcome example

Tip: Even if you choose to use an  auto-responder, take the time to make the message more welcoming and inviting and not an immediate sales pitch.

Here is one of my favorite direct messages that I ever received after following someone. It is from Wade Harman.

Wade example

Getting this DM response made me feel welcomed and appreciated. The thing people tend to forget is when you follow someone you are essentially saying “I want to get to know you better. I want to learn more about your products and services. I want to read the content that you create and in exchange for that I am willing to give you space in my timeline. I’m willing to take my time each day to see what you are publishing. I’m also willing to give you access to my network since I will most likely be sharing your content via a retweet or contributing to the conversation via a comment.”

The fact that Wade used the word “honored” really struck a cord with me. It told me that he gets it. Wade understands that a follow isn’t just a follow but it is a vote of confidence and it’s someone willing to give some of their precious time to him, his business, and his content. Bravo!

On the other hand, this example garners an immediate unfollow. Again, way too pushy, way to salesy. They didn’t take a bit of time to get to know me, my interest, or even look at my timeline.

Twitter bad DM example

You’re probably thinking that the reason I get these salesy DM’s is because I don’t look into the person before following them. I actually do look at every person before making that decision. I don’t automatically follow someone back simply because they follow me. That is a personal choice. Many people feel it is appropriate to “follow for follow” but I do not and you can read why that’s my policy in next week’s blog post. :)  In many cases, before I follow someone I do see that they have products or services for sale which is what initially peaks my interest and that’s why I followed them. I want to learn more but I am not interested in a business who uses what I consider to be the “uninformed” sales approach. As a consumer, I am not going to make a purchase without doing my research first and I appreciate any business that helps me do that before trying to go in for the sale.

So if you are using a Direct Message Marketing approach I would encourage you to revisit that content of the messages you are sending and the timeliness of the messages. The approach must work because so many businesses do use it however, as with any marketing, please give it some thought and try to see it from the eyes of your potential clients.

I’d love to continue to chat about this conversation so pop on over to Facebook and post your comments and/or questions there. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading~



Social Media through the Grapevine: Twitter, Facebook, Periscope updates


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Keeping up with social media changes, tweaks, fixes, and such is a full time job and one you don’t have time for which is why I bring am happy to bring you Social Media through the Grapevine. This week we take a peek at what Twitter is testing, Periscope replays, more Facebook Messenger news, what’s new on, and who now holds the record for most liked pic on Instagram. (I’ll give you a hint: A member of the Kardashian/Jenner family (but which one?)).

Twitter: It’s not about what I had for breakfast anymore.

Twitter sure has grown up in the past few years. In her article, “Testing new ways to make it easier to discover products and places” Amaryllis Fox (@amaryllisfox) tells us all about some big changes going on over at Twitter and why some account may look a bit more like Pinterest.

Periscope live and now Periscope replays

OH NO! One of your favorite Periscope personalities did an impromptu 3 minute video from their favorite coffee shop and you missed it! Never fear. Periscope now allows you to catch the replay.


Which is awesome. Nothing frustrates me more than hearing that awesome chime that lets me know that one of my Periscopers has started a live broadcast but I’m (at the dentist/grocer/napping/insert your own activity here) and can’t watch right now. Super duper happy for replay availability. PS: Beginning July 1st, yours truly will be “scoping” daily with social media tips so follow me now, catch me live starting Wednesday, and/or watch my replays at chelelawson on Periscope. Thank you, Periscope!

Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account???

YES! You can now use the Facebook Messenger app without an actual Facebook account. The change allows you to simply use a telephone number in order to activate FB Messenger. Cool, right? I didn’t know there were people who still didn’t have a Facebook account but I guess there are and now they can message like the rest of us.

What’s new on

When I get numerous clients asking the same question then it’s time for a blog post on it. This week in Personal versus Facebook Fan Page: Which is Best for Your Business? I break it down for you so that there is no question in your mind what you need to do.

Instagram Kardashian/Jenner sibling rivalry.

Kim and Kenya were in the Instagram spotlight for a wedding photo which had 2.2 million people double tapping their show of support.



But not anymore! One of her own sisters just beat that record and now holds the “most popular pic” distinction with 2.6 million. Kim may still have the most followers but Kendall Jenner is getting all the love. See which pic is currently the most-liked Instagram photo EVER!

Have a fabulous week, keep doing what you’re doing, and I will keep brining you a weekly Social Media through the Grapevine recap. Until next week, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and now Periscope!

Personal versus Facebook Fan Page: Which is Best for Your Business?


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You’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, direct sales leader, or a freelancer who is selling products and services. The first thing you do is determine who your target audience is and where they’re hanging out.  Ten out of ten times (well, maybe 9 out of 10) the answer is going to be social media. If your prospective clients are on social media it only makes sense to market your business on social media.

You’ve had a personal Facebook for years. No problem.


Facebook personal timelines and Facebook Business Fan pages are as different as night and day. Sure, they look the same. You have something to say … You create a status update … post it … and people will reply. BAM! Engagement at its finest.


3 main reasons that people give for wanting to promote their business on their personal Facebook page actually make a ton of sense:

  • I’ve already built a following of family and friends so why start over?
  • I want to be authentic and “real” so I don’t want to create a business page that will seem too stuffy.
  • I’m the only one who is going to be using it so I don’t need the capabilities that a Fan Page offers such as assigning an Admin, Moderator, or Editor.

And if it was that simple than this would be the shortest blog post ever but it’s not that easy.

Your personal page is definitely already active with friends and family but are they your target audience? Sure, they support your business and will help spread the word but after you promote to that “warm” market, then what? The goal of a business is to build a strong foundation of potential clients, cheerleaders, and repeat business. Friends and family will only serve that purpose for a season. Not to mention that Facebook caps your friend limit at 5000 and after that you would be denying access to anyone interested in your product or service. #businessfail

Being authentic and real is a great trait for everyone to possess. Why assume that your Facebook Fan page could not relay the same genuineness and personality? It certainly can and should. There is also something else to consider. It is one thing to be transparent in your business and quite another to share every intimate detail of your life with your clients. Unless it directly relates to your products or services there is no reason for potential clients to know all about your political beliefs, religious affiliations, or be subjected to your crazy Aunt Martha. #businessfail

Personal Facebook pages do not offer “roles” such as Admin, Moderator, or Editor and as a new business those are things you may not need. Not yet! However, assuming growth within in your business is one of your goals, those roles may be a necessity sooner rather than later.  Not only are “roles” an option of a Facebook Fan page but so are the ever important “Insights” which provides awesome data on how your page is performing. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are actually getting the attention of your target market? Wouldn’t it be awesome to know which type posts people are responding to most enthusiastically? Wouldn’t it be a great option to be able to “boost” a post or place a Facebook ad when you have something you really want to share? None of those options on are available on your personal page.

But there is one HUGE (and I mean HUGE) reason why you should not use your personal Facebook account to market your business.

Facebook says using a personal timeline instead of a Facebook Fan page for your business is a big NO-NO!

And they mean it! Facebook monitors personal accounts and they are specifically looking for people who are using those accounts to promote a business. When they find them and confirm they are in violation of the Terms of Service, they shut it down. That’s right. One day you could wake up and your account would no longer exist. No more connection to family, friends, potential clients, and existing clients. No way to get in touch with them to win them back. All personal messages would be gone. Thousands of pictures would vanish. Heartbreaking.

There is no doubt that a Facebook Fan page does come with challenges.

  • Not every person will see every status update you create.
  • Your content needs to be push-worthy according to the Facebook algorithm.
  • You need to be consistent and present for your followers in order to build a relationship.

Just to name a few and none of this happens fast.

The bottom line is that Facebook has provided a personal side to their platform to be used for socializing and the provide business pages to be used for marketing your business and building a know-like-trust factor with potential and existing clients.

They’ve given you the tools. It’s up to you to use them correctly.

I would love to chat about this topic if you have any questions or comments. Please leave them below or pop on over to my Facebook Fan page and we can keep this conversation going. See you there.

Social Media through the Grapevine: Facebook Authorship & Periscope Law


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Your Social Media through the Grapevine weekly recap is here! You don’t have time to keep up with all the changes and craziness on social media so I’m happy to do it for you. This week: Twitter thinks bigger is better, Facebook authorship, Periscope and the law, new Pinterest search features, why Instagram and baseball don’t mix, and I couldn’t possible take the chance that you missed all the fuss about cowboy-boot-flip-flops. Here we go…

Twitter Direct Message. Will bigger really be better?

Twitter has announced, starting July 2015, there will no longer be a 140 character limit on direct messages. Recently, Twitter removed a restriction that now allows you to DM anyone even if you aren’t following them. Starting July, you will be able to DM them really long messages; up to 10,000 characters. This will be great for people who really want to connect on Twitter however I feel certain that we are going to see a big jump in scammy unwelcomed messages. I hope I’m wrong.

Good news for bloggers! Facebook Authorship is here.

One thing Facebook hates is when people click off of the Facebook site and one thing bloggers hate is writing content that no one reads. Facebook Authorship may help. Mike Allton, author of “Facebook Adds Authorship. Bloggers Take Note!” shares all the working ins-and-outs from what is “authorship” to how to set it up for your articles.

Periscope users beware!

Yes, Periscope is fun and awesome. I’m a fan. But, before you go videoing anywhere and everything, you need to know the law. Did you know that you may be recording copyrighted material and that location, location, location does matter? “Meerkat, Periscope, Privacy and the Law: Is Live-Streaming Video Legal?” breaks it down for you so that you can continue to live-stream with a clear conscience.

Pinterest Wants You to Get Discovered

Your business is on Pinterest so you do everything you can think of to get noticed. You’ve set up a business account, verified it, post good content, and write kick-ass descriptions but you still feel like you aren’t being found in the search results. Pinterest to the rescue! Pinterest search just got smarter and hopefully your business with be the beneficiary.

Get your head in the game Pablo Sandoval

You’re losing a game. Your team needs your support. So what do you do? Like pics on Instagram, of course. We can go back and forth on this all day long. Should players be on social media during a game? Probably not. Having a mental presence in the game is key to the moral of your team and to a successful outcome. Are players allowed “potty” breaks during a game? Yes. Do people pop on social media during “potty” breaks? You know you do. So is this a big deal worthy of benching or just doing-what-people-do during potty breaks? I have no clue. The best play of the night was by Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports who was so on top of things that he figured it out while it was actually happening. Good catch, Jared!

A new fashion trend? Just maybe. Cowboy Boot Flip Flops

I’m almost at a loss for words. In doing my research it looks like Redneck Boot Sandal, the awesome (?) creation of cobbler Scotty Franklin of Missouri is getting tons of positive attention and not just from the USA. If you pop onto his Facebook page (aptly named Billy Bob Cowboy Boot Sandal) you will see people actually asking if he ships overseas! I love it. 4000+ people have already “liked” his Facebook page so they can be kept up to date on the product. From Gulf Shores, Alabama to London, England. Impressive. Way to go, Scotty!

That’s it for this week. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep looking for the latest to share with you next week in Social Media through the Grapevine.

Social Media through the Grapevine: Messenger, Periscope, Google, and Social Proof

Social-media-through=the-grapevine-weekly-recapWhat a week! In case you were busy, Social Media through the Grapevine is here to bring you a few of the head turning things that popped up online. This week’s recap includes:  Facebook Messenger is all about the Doodle, Twitters’ Periscope has gone Android, social proof and Facebook “likes” (is there really a relationship?), Google and Levi are making “butt dialing” a very literal thing, and what’s new on Michele Lawson dot com.

Doodle Draw: The First Game for Facebook Messenger

Remember when the Facebook Messenger app first came on the scene and everyone was freaking out with thoughts of being spied on through the phones’ camera? Well, what’s a little spying if we now get to play games! Doodle Draw is an interactive game that is played with your friends. I’ve downloaded the app and now need to get my doodling skills up to par.

Twitters’ Periscope is now Android friendly.

They may have initially launched only to iOS but Periscope has now expanded to include the Android users. Periscope, the Twitter owned livestreaming app stated, “This is just the beginning for Periscope on Android. We have many exciting features and improvements in the works, so please follow us at @periscopeco to stay updated. Fun Fact: Although Twitter owns Periscope, they do not own the Twitter handle @periscope. That handle belongs to a Minneapolis based company that has nothing to do with livestreaming. Oh the confusion!

Is social proof on social media really proof at all?

People are obsessed with social media numbers. Did I get any new Twitter followers this week? How many people liked my Facebook page? Which pin got the most repins? Wow, my Instagram pic is getting hearts galore! In my latest Huffington Post article, we take a look at, “Social Proof: What Your Facebook ‘Like’ Numbers Really Mean” and you may be surprised by what I have to say.

Your Mom was right. You just might be a “smarty” pants!

Okay. So we’ve all heard of wearable technology (think Apple watch) but did you ever imagine that your jeans might become your next tech garment? Levi was named the first official partner for Googles latest innovation: Project Jacquard. That’s right. You’ll soon be able to silence your phone and even text just by touching your jeans. I see a million unintentional butt dials in our future.

What’s new on

Continuing on my roll about our obsession with social media numbers, “When Having Facebook Likes & Twitter Friends is Not a Good Thing” is a super quick read that gives you the low down on why all “likes” are not created equal.

That’s it for me this week. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep digging around on to bring you the latest social media updates for the week.

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When Having Facebook Likes & Twitter Friends is Not a Good Thing


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

We’ve all heard the phrase “supply and demand”- as long as there is a demand for a product or service there will also be someone ready to supply us with what we need. Simple enough. So, now I have a question that has been baffling me for a long time.


The only reason I can come up with is that there is still a supply and demand for such a service. And it means people are still flocking to these services and paying their hard earned money (even if it is only $5 for 1000’s) to build up their social media stable of friends. When I ask, the #1 reason I get is that people want to increase those numbers so the “social proof” looks better on Facebook and Twitter.

If I could just say “STOP IT” and everyone would listen, I would. However, that won’t work so hopefully this will.

 Here are the top 3 reasons that you should never ever (yes, never ever) buy followers of any kind on social media.

Let’s start by addressing the “social proof” argument. A number alone does not provide enough social proof or at least it shouldn’t. There are a few more things that you should consider. “Social Proof: What Your Facebook “Like” Numbers Really Mean” is a quick read that gives a better understanding.

Organic is always better than bought. Three Facebook fans who really engage with your content are way more valuable than 300 fans that never say peep. If your “likes” are not reading, liking, commenting, and/or sharing your content then I would say they are of little to no value to you or your business and I think you would agree.

Analytics is the key to running a successful social media platform for your business. The information that you’re given in your Facebook Insights (for business fan pages) and your Twitter analytics is how you can determine three very important things:

  • What content am I putting out that is really resonating with people?
  • Am I hitting my target market demographic?
  • Are my posts being published at the time when I will reach more of my audience?

Sadly, the minute you buy Facebook “Likes” or Twitter followers you have drastically skewed that information to the point of it no longer being viable.

If you bought followers in the past all is not lost. Begin the process today of weeding out the unwanted and inactive. On Facebook, there is yet to be a simple and clear process of doing this task. I found several suggestions from other users but did not find anything directly from Facebook. On Twitter, I use Tweepi every 30 days. I have never bought followers but there are always people who drop off of Twitter and are no longer active. When that is the case, I no longer need them artificially inflating my numbers. By using this service (or other services like it) you will be able to clean up the inactive Twitter followers in bulk.

When it comes to relationships, online and offline, real is always better than fake. Keep providing awesome content. Keep engaging your loyal followers. Keep being a go-to resource within your niche. Do that and the organic “Likes” and “tweeps” will happen naturally, the way it should be.


Social Media through the Grapevine; Your Weekly Recap

Social-media-through=the-grapevine-weekly-recapYou’re busy and you certainly don’t have time to research all the changes going on in social media this week. That’s why I do it for you. How do I choose? Well, it’s simple. If it caught my eye it made the cut. Here is your weekly Social Media through the Grapevine recap. This week: Tweets showing up in Google mobile searches, Facebook video Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg, latest in Huffington Post, what’s new on, and I would be remiss if I didn’t include the update on bacon emojis. <You’re welcome>

Searchable Tweets. What that means for you?

Tweets are now searchable from the Google app (or any mobile search apps) on your smart phone or tablet. This is not the first time tweets have been searchable. If you were a twitter user around 2009-2011, Twitter was automatically providing its’ data stream to Google during that time so your tweets were most likely searchable then as well. After 2011, Twitter declined to continue the relationship past the expiration date due to the platforms increased popularity. Now, Twitter and Google are at it again. FAQ: How Twitter’s New Deal To Bring Tweets To Google Search Works is a good read that sums up the Twitter/Google relationship. Want to see tweets results as part of your Google search? Simply include the word “Twitter” in your search and see what pops up. Word on the street is that tweets with pics, vids, graphics, and hashtags are getting more Google airtime so if you want your tweets in the search engine keep that in mind.  Mention (@) tweets are getting zilch.

Facebook: Will Mark Z ever give up t-shirts and hoodies?

Although this happened last week, I really like this Q&A with Mark (Zuckerberg) at a town-hall meeting. Each question is answered with a 1-3 minute video clip. Give it a peek.

News for Emoji Enthusiasts

Bacon and selfie emojis were only a matter of time but who knew there would be a high demand for the nauseated face, drooling face, and pregnant woman emoji. Check out those and so much more in “38 Of The Most-Requested Emojis (Including Bacon) Might Be Coming Soon”

Spreading My Huffington Post Love

I just returned from another amazing conference in Orlando, FL. As the Co-Founder of Red Feather Networking, I am always humbled when people embrace stress-free networking and relationships are born. The biggest threat to those new found friendships is the lack of nurturing once everyone returns home and back-to-the-grind which is why I wrote, Let’s Stay In Touch; 4 Post Conference Networking Tips. A short read that will help once you return home from your next conference or networking event.

What’s New on

Everyone knows by now that I love writing the Book Savvy Column for Solorpreneur Marketing Magazine. None of us have time to read as much as we’d like so each month I interview a business owner or entrepreneur about a book that has been influential in their professional (and sometimes personal) journey. This month, I interviewed Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D on The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. You can check out Annette’s interview as well as past interviews on my website.

That’s your Social Media through the Grapevine for this week. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep scanning the internet to bring you awesome stuff again next week.

Thanks for reading~


Social Media Engagement at Conferences and Other Events aka The Back-Channel

Image courtesy of zirconicusso

Image courtesy of zirconicusso

A few things have changed over the years in regards to attending conferences and other large events. The role that social media plays is front and center of those changes. From an attendee engagement standpoint, Twitter and Instagram are now considered major conference must-haves. Both contribute heavily to the back-channel via the ever awesome hashtag.

So what exactly is the back-channel?

Basically, the back-channel is a way to follow along with what’s going on at the conference/event by following the established hashtag(#). Other attendees post wisdom nuggets from sessions. Speakers post information and tweetables from their presentation. Groups, such as Red Feather Networking, post social activities that are going on before, during, and after the event. Some event organizers will even schedule “tweet teams” that are responsible for going to the sessions and tweeting out the speakers key points.

If you’re at the conference, the back-channel is a great way to keep up with things you may have missed since you certainly can’t be in two places at the same time. If you’re unable to attend the conference, it allows you to participate and take away some valuable info via social media. But, here is a tip….

Make sure you are following the official conference hashtag.

There has been a ton of confusion about which hashtag to follow when you see several for the same event. For example: ABC conference may be using #ABC2015 but there are tweets floating around with #ABC15. One back-channel will undoubtedly be more active than the other. If you aren’t sure which is correct, simply tweet to the organization and ask. And, another tip…

Don’t try to keep up with the back-channel in the Twitter stream.

Trying to follow a Twitter stream that is going 90 mph is impossible. To follow the back-channel you need to do a search for the # you’re following. Once you get the results, make sure you have selected “All” and not “Top” if you want to see every post.  Also, no need to refresh this screen, it will continue to update automatically.

Watch “Surfing the Conference BackChannel #RFNstyle at ATD ICE 2015” which is the video I recorded with Kelly Phillips of Boost Interactive Media as part of our Red Feather Networking conference video series. It’s a fun look at the back-channel with a few tips for how to get the most out of social media during your next conference. Enjoy.

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