Your audience will be WOW’d! As a speaker, my number one goal is simply to make your event and your attendees experience something they will talk about long after the program is over. I offer a variety of sessions which will resonate with attendees and leave them feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to go! Presentations are never run of the mill and are always custom designed for the demographic of your audience.  From professional topics such as “Positive & Profitable: Your Brand on Social Media” to more personal topics such as “The Power of Forgiveness: How Let Go, Move On, & Love Life” –  Contact me for a complete list of available sessions and available dates.

Positive & Profitable

Positive & Profitable is aptly named. A business that invests in creating a positive online presence has a much higher chance of conversion to sales. This online experience helps entrepreneurs and small businesses claim their space on a very crowded social media. Offered online, the 4 week basic and 10 week intensive, will build a foundation for your brand that will help you become a go-to resource for your ideal clients. The Positive & Profitable experience is a program like no other. 2015 dates available.

Blog Writing Service

Publishing blog posts on a consistent basis is a great way to keep fresh content on social media and drive traffic to your website. The challenge is not everyone enjoys writing, has the time to write, and many people become frustrated with coming up with new topics on a weekly basis that compliments their products/services. If that sound like you, Let’s chat. I’m thrilled to be able to offer blog writing services and my clients love being able to publish a no-hassle blog post on a weekly basis. Service is offered on a monthly basis and consists of four 500-800 word posts delivered to your Dropbox each week. Due to writing time and personalized nature of each post, this service has limited openings. Email for details and availability.


Consulting Services

Sometimes having an experienced extra pair of eyes is what you need. I’m the outsider looking in who represents your ideal client. Working together, we can tweak your online presence to get you and your brand get noticed on social media. Consulting is scheduled per hour or in a customized bundled package.

Social Media Analysis

You’re doing everything you can think of yet your social media efforts are falling short. I provide a social media analysis that will highlight your successes and focus on your opportunities. Analysis are available for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Limited openings for analysis each month so please contact for rates and availability.

Training Services

DIYSM (Do It Yourself Social Media) Workshop:

My interactive workshops are designed to educate, demonstrate and guide a business in the basic to mid-level activities involved in social media marketing. With my experience as a public speaker and my former teaching/training position in academia, your workshop attendees will be motivated, informed, empowered, and leave with actionable items that they can easily implement. 

Each workshop is designed with your business needs in mind. Topics covered may include:

  • The importance and proper way to set up social media accounts and bios.
  • How to choose the best social media platform for your needs.
  • How to determine, attract, and engage your ideal client on social media.
  • Time management tips in regarding to social media.
  • How to simply create social media graphics and header images for free.
  • Blogging: Is it right for your business?
  • And much more….

Workshops come in 2.5 hour, 4 hour, and full day sessions. I am available to discuss a series of multiple workshops to fill all your educational needs.

Managing Services

It is not always viable to have your social media managed in-house. That is why I offer my expertise of managing services for your business. Each package is quoted with your current social media status in mind and is contracted in 3 month increments. Contact me to schedule your free thirty (30) minutes assessment call. Before the call, I will review your current social media status. On the call, we will chat about your goals for your business on social, areas of opportunity, and which of my services will best fit your needs. The call is 100% free and there will be no high pressure sales tactics…EVER! Here is a basic overview of services. All packages can be customized packages to suit your current needs.

The Start-up Package:  Designed for any new brand entering the social media arena. It is also designed for existing businesses that has not yet fully immersed their brand in social media marketing or that needs a social media makeover.

Streamline Package: Designed for existing businesses that have a social media presence fully set up, active, and need to build following and increase engagement.

Conversion Package: Designed for existing businesses that have a social media presence fully set up, active, satisfactory following, and engagement. This package is to help drive traffic to the business website for the purpose of conversion.


Click “Contact Me” and submit your inquiry. I will personally contact you so we can discuss your needs and how I can be of service to you. Rates are not given on this page due to determining factors such as travel and duration of services needed. I will be happy to give a free quote on any and all services that intrigue you.