Meet Michele

 Who I am:

I am a public speaker who is energetic and loves to engage audiences as we tackle topics that are important to you and your business.

I am a workshop facilitator. With a background of training in an academia setting, I bring well prepared, stimulating, interactive, workshop sessions to your company, non-profit, or civic group.

I am a consultant who can analyze your brands online presence and help you design an in-house team for a social voice that is positive and profitable.


 What I know:

  • I know that every small business owner and entrepreneur (aka You) took the risk of starting their own business because they truly believed in the product or services that they had to offer.
  • I know that we live in the digital age. Branding your business and marketing your business can only be done if you embrace the social media platforms.
  • I know that every platform of social media can serve and benefit a business in a different way.
  • I know that social media changes daily and keeping up with it can be a real challenge.
  • I know that there are just not enough hours in the day.

What I believe:

  • I believe that your time is valuable and that businesses need to consider investing in branding and marketing assistance.
  • I believe that there is not a cookie cutter method to using social media. Just as your business is unique, so is your social media marketing approach.
  • I believe that social media plays a major role in consumer engagement, community involvement, customer service, employee recruitment, product spotlight, vendor relations, and many other aspects of business.
  • I believe with analysis, planning, creativity, monitoring and adjusting that a business can reach their target audience and meet their business goals.
  • I believe that being proactive will keep you and your business one step (if not two) ahead of the competition.

What I do:

  • I am your extra set of eyes. By taking a look at your current branding and social media activity I am able to recommend the necessary changes and best practices in order to keep your business moving in a forward and successful direction.
  • I encourage teamwork. I do not bully my way into your business pressuring you to make decisions that you are not fully comfortable with making.
  • I embrace the culture of the company and assure that the business “voice” is one that is true to the culture and consistent across all social media platforms.
  • I provide an array of services that are available to compliment and strengthen your brand image and social media presence.
  • I come armed with testimonies and social proof that I am committed to the success of my clients business; going above and beyond with energy, eagerness and professionalism.

The down and dirty:  I am a full-time freelancer who lives her life with drive and devotion. With an eye for branding, an enthusiasm for social media marketing and a passion for teaching others, I immerse myself in my clients’ dreams, visions and goals. Through my presentations, workshops, consulting, and webinars, I build relationships of teamwork, communication, and provide actionable steps that will help you create a successful social media presence for your brand.

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