Periscope: What’s All the Fuss About?!?

Periscope iconThere is a new social media player in town and it’s called Periscope. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you have set up a Periscope account, watched other “scopes” or at the very least seen invites on Twitter.  So what the hell is all the fuss about? I’ll tell you!

Scoping for fun!

Periscope is live-streaming which means you’re watching the broadcast in real time. One of the most awesome things is that you can see and experience events that you would normally miss out on.

Thanks to John Chen (@bigkid), I got to watch the Blue Angels which is always impressive. Thanks to @mousetoyourhous, I am able to go to Disney every single day to experience the rides, people watch, see the new product lines, and so much more. That is priceless for a Disney fan like me! Thanks to Alex Pettitt @alexpettitt, I was able to learn all kinds of awesome Periscope tips that were super helpful. And, Mitch Oates @lifeatseaphoto does his scopes from his surfboard in Australia which is beyond amazing.

Screen capture of @lifeatseaphoto scope

Screen capture of @lifeatseaphoto scope

Scoping to learn!

Scopes are not only letting you experience places and events but it’s also great for sharing content with people. I’m all about learning so I love to pop in on broadcasts that teach me something.

The thing I enjoy most about broadcasting my own scopes is the fact that they are so much more casual than a recorded webinar or even a live Google Hangout. On other platforms I feel like my make-up needs to be perfect and my hair needs to look like a magazine cover. Not on Periscope. I have scoped from a truck stop at 3am while driving to Florida. I’ve scoped from the Austin airport on a layover. I’ve scoped from the swing in my backyard.

100% of my scopes have a purpose. I talk about all kinds of things related to the best uses of social media for your business, networking, tips on time managements, blogging, and sometimes I just do a go-with-the-flow scope where the viewers determine the topic with their questions and comments.

One of the best features is that the scopes are recorded. In a meeting when one of your fav people starting a broadcast? No problem. Simply catch the replay for up to 24 hours. Watching replays at night is something I really enjoy doing. I fix a cup of tea, grab my tablet, and watch scope after scope on all types of awesome topics.

Give Periscope a try!

If you haven’t checked out Periscope yet I suggest you give it a try. I am doing a series of posts on Periscope and you can find the links to those below. You’re definitely going to find them helpful. Keep in mind that you can set up Periscope even if you don’t plan to do any of your own broadcasts. Simply follow some people you are connected with, influencers you enjoy, friends, family, and colleagues. You can find me at @chelelawson.

Thanks for reading~


{Other Periscope posts will be linked here shortly}


  1. I’ve been hearing so much about Periscope lately, but I never really considered it as a way to reach a new audience as a writer. Still, it sounds really cool that it’s so casual – I’m going to have to sign up, even if it’s just to watch!

    • YES, Lindsay. You definitely should sign up. I love to watch scopes for a ton of reasons; I am also a writer and find a ton of benefits from Periscope. One of the services I offer is blog writing for various industries. I love to scope about certain topics and get feedback from real people. It helps me decide what some of my key points are going to be in my post that week. I also like to share info on some of my current writings. People love to be pointed in the direction of good content. :) Should you decide to pop onto Periscope I hope you will join me @chelelawson. ~Michele