Social Media through the Grapevine: Twitter, Facebook, Periscope updates


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Keeping up with social media changes, tweaks, fixes, and such is a full time job and one you don’t have time for which is why I bring am happy to bring you Social Media through the Grapevine. This week we take a peek at what Twitter is testing, Periscope replays, more Facebook Messenger news, what’s new on, and who now holds the record for most liked pic on Instagram. (I’ll give you a hint: A member of the Kardashian/Jenner family (but which one?)).

Twitter: It’s not about what I had for breakfast anymore.

Twitter sure has grown up in the past few years. In her article, “Testing new ways to make it easier to discover products and places” Amaryllis Fox (@amaryllisfox) tells us all about some big changes going on over at Twitter and why some account may look a bit more like Pinterest.

Periscope live and now Periscope replays

OH NO! One of your favorite Periscope personalities did an impromptu 3 minute video from their favorite coffee shop and you missed it! Never fear. Periscope now allows you to catch the replay.


Which is awesome. Nothing frustrates me more than hearing that awesome chime that lets me know that one of my Periscopers has started a live broadcast but I’m (at the dentist/grocer/napping/insert your own activity here) and can’t watch right now. Super duper happy for replay availability. PS: Beginning July 1st, yours truly will be “scoping” daily with social media tips so follow me now, catch me live starting Wednesday, and/or watch my replays at chelelawson on Periscope. Thank you, Periscope!

Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account???

YES! You can now use the Facebook Messenger app without an actual Facebook account. The change allows you to simply use a telephone number in order to activate FB Messenger. Cool, right? I didn’t know there were people who still didn’t have a Facebook account but I guess there are and now they can message like the rest of us.

What’s new on

When I get numerous clients asking the same question then it’s time for a blog post on it. This week in Personal versus Facebook Fan Page: Which is Best for Your Business? I break it down for you so that there is no question in your mind what you need to do.

Instagram Kardashian/Jenner sibling rivalry.

Kim and Kenya were in the Instagram spotlight for a wedding photo which had 2.2 million people double tapping their show of support.



But not anymore! One of her own sisters just beat that record and now holds the “most popular pic” distinction with 2.6 million. Kim may still have the most followers but Kendall Jenner is getting all the love. See which pic is currently the most-liked Instagram photo EVER!

Have a fabulous week, keep doing what you’re doing, and I will keep brining you a weekly Social Media through the Grapevine recap. Until next week, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and now Periscope!